The Litter Trap

This litter trap has been quietly floating for several years on Alazan Creek in San Antonio TX. It helps make the world a better place for all of us!

25 years ASE Certified

I worked as an automobile technician (mechanic) while I was going to school and for periods after. It is hard work that involves a lot of complex thinking, as well as physical strength and dexterity. During my employment as a professional auto mechanic, I obtained Master Automobile Technician status through ASE. The process requires passing

Continuous Digester Inspection Presentation

Continuous (Kamyr) digesters are susceptible to corrosion and degradation that left unchecked or improperly repaired and inspected can lead to catastrophic failure. The scene above is due to a digester failure in 2020. Luckily no one was seriously injured or killed. I had the pleasure of presenting to the International Paper, Technology Group last week.

Sunday dinner

Some of my fondest memories are of cooking Sunday dinner for my wife, daughter, and father in law. This isn’t one of those meals, but it is in the spirit.

New Publication

I recently had an article published in Inspectioneering Journal. The subject is evaluation of undocumented pressure vessels (“State Specials” and suitability for service). The article can be downloaded through the “Pressure Vessel Engineering” page of this site, it’s at the bottom of the page.

Rosa’s Pizza

Best New York pizza in the Atlanta area. Locations downtown and in Marietta. My daughter really likes their meatball subs, but I can’t bring myself not to get that delicious pie.


I’ve had the opportunity to use my Telebrineller a couple times recently. It’s a field hardness tester that most people don’t seem to be aware of. Just opening that case with the sweet purple felt is a joy! Whoever decided on that made a fine choice. The instrument is made by a company named Teleweld.


My name is Daniel Schardine, a senior engineer at Applied Technical Services. I am a registered professional engineer, however Clever Monkey Engineering is not an engineering firm and does not perform nor offer to perform engineering services. I am a hands on mechanical engineer. Most of my twenty-two year professional career has been focused on