Motorized or not, two wheeled vehicles bring me a lot of enjoyment.

I’ve had this one since 1987.

Ross Countach

I received this as a Christmas gift when I was in the 8th grade. It started out as a 12 speed with drop bars. I put thousands of miles on it in the original configuration. I turned it into a single speed commuter around 2010 and put thousands more miles on it as pictured. It now also has a rear rack for saddlebags and a very effective leather mud flap on the front fender.

1971 BMW R75/5

I’ve had this one a long time also. It’s taken me cross country and on several other long trips. BMW motorcycles from this era really live up to their reputation as simple and robust machines. Despite the small size (by today’s standards) and lack of wind protection, it’s not difficult to rack up the miles while touring.

Bultaco 199 Sherpa T 350

I’m not a trials rider. I like to ride real slow on a big 2 stroke though.

Redline Monocog 29er

This bicycle got me into mountain biking and single speeds. It’s like riding a big BMX bike. I even rode in a few races on it.

1991 BMW R100GS

I flipped this one years ago. It was a bit hot rodded with the motor bored to 1050 and the sport cam. It had a custom dual disk front end also.

The Lowrider

Craigslist buy shortly after my daughter was born. She picked the colors and I rebuilt it a few years back.